MA Punjabi Distance Education

Introduction - MA Punjabi Distance Education

The program seeks to enhance the understanding of historical, conceptual, critical aspects of Punjabi language, literature, culture and advance professionally in positions that integrate literary studies like Punjabi poetry, drama, fiction, criticism, creative writing etc. Nowadays, there is an excessive demand of man power with expertise in Punjabi especially in the field of Punjabi Media as well as in teaching. So the current course caters to this need. The aim of M.A Punjabi is to upgrade the students’ knowledge in Punjabi literature and to enable them to use this deep knowledge practically in daily life.

The objective is to take university based education beyond the four walls of the university.
1. It fulfills the prime social responsibility of providing education at the door step for those who are unable to access formal education.
2. M.A in Punjabi aims to contribute to the professional development of students who want to acquire an understanding of the teaching and learning of Punjabi in specific academic and professional contexts.
3. The program enables students in study of Punjabi poetry, drama, fiction, criticism etc which helps to understand social and cultural fabric of Punjab and its Diaspora.
4. On completion of the programme, students will have a deeper understanding of the background, practices and research in academic and professional Punjabi. 

Programme Code

Programme Duration
Minimum Duration: 2 years
Maximum Duration: 4 years


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