Why BCA?

BCA or Bachelor in Computer Application is currently one of the most sought-after qualifications by employers and aspiring individuals in India. Due to the rapid digitalization and technological development of the modern era, experts in various disciplines of computer sciences are an absolute necessity for an organization's progress now. So having a BCA degree can surely open up lots of options for further studies, specializations, and jobs. 


If you are looking for a reliable and empowering BCA course in India, our LPU distance education BCA course is the best option for you. At Online Shiksha Guru, We provide a world-class BCA correspondence course that will boost your career path as soon as you complete the course. We offer convenient BCA through distance education solutions for individuals who cannot attend continual classes. We also have full-fledged classrooms and well-equipped labs along with the latest technology and software in the industry. So, with our BCA distance learning program, you will be familiarized with all the fundamental disciplines of computer application through rigorous theoretical and practical training. 

Our Objectives

Our prime objectives with the Distance BCA course are

  • Skill enhancement through rigorous theoretical and practical training.
  • Enabling the students with skills and expertise in all fundamental disciplines of computer application.
  • Development of valuable professional skills such as competitiveness, problem-solving abilities, and proactiveness
  • Enablement of career options in reputed and modern sectors like the Government Sector, Banking Sector, and E-commerce industry 

Course Code


Course Duration

BCA is a 3-year course, with a maximum limit of 6 years for completion. 

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